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JAXDUG Presentation on Knockout JS

I presented at JAXDUG tonight on KnockoutJS. Originally I had prepared for an hour timeslot but I got scheduled for a 20 minute Speaker Idol presentation (One night, 5 speakers, 20 minutes each). All in it went really well. It was a ton of content to fit into only 20 minutes. I ran 3 minutes over and flubbed some code, but I think I pulled it off. I'd like to present on it again; I have some ideas on how to do it better.

 I've taken an almost year sabbatical from blogging but I should be back posting regularly now. For the time being I have a lot on my mind about Knockout, MVC and Less.js. The ironic thing is that since I moved from a primarily front end position about six months ago and took a job doing primarily WCF and Web Services I've had a ton of energy in my spare time to dig into fun front end stuff, unburdened by the constraints and limitations of what may be approved for use at work.