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New Year's Reflections

I'm in a somewhat pensive mood this New Year.

Given the downturn in the economy, I count myself blessed to have a good job and that my family had a good Christmas. We're healthy and all our needs are met. I am deeply thankful to God for all that He given us. I think that too often I take for granted how truly blessed we are.

Some people that I know have had setbacks and struggles recently, even in the past couple of weeks. For them and for all of you who are struggling I pray that God will help you and turn things around for you quickly this new year. I wish you and yours the best.

And so, with such sobering thoughts in mind, I come to my New Years resolutions:

  • Be more thankful this year; take nothing for granted.
  • Be diligent and more conscious how I am spending my time.
  • Take more time for family; don't let the little, important things pass by unnoticed.
  • Cheer up, enjoy life and quit being such a grouch.
Time to start putting that last one to work. Sorry to be such a buzz kill. I wish you all the best. Happy New Year!