Virtual ALT.NET Lunch & Learns: A chance to speak

I attended the yesterdays Virtual Alt.Net(VAN) Brown Bag Lunch online and was surprised by the variety of content. The floor was opened up for anyone in attendance to give a quick presentation of things they're working on or wanted to share and several different developers stepped up. From programming to tools to application etc it was quality content all around and well worth the time.

It's rare to find something this exceptional and pleasantly different out there. I'm sure if the meetings got large enough they'd need to have people schedule ahead of time but for the moment it's an extremely interesting, and rather unique format; I really hope it scales as they grow.

If I'd know ahead of time that they would be opening up the floor I might have had something quick prepared... I may have a go at it next time.

I hope you'll all make it a priority to make at least one meeting in the next month. Whether you come to speak or just to listen I think that you'll be pleased.

Every Wednesday 1PM EST Virtual Alt.Net Mettings (via LiveMeeting) are here.