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On My Radar: UI Design Resources

Though I haven't gone through it completely, at first glance looks like a great site on UI Design patterns. The site is a promo for the O'Reilly book Designing Interfaces by Jenifer Tidwell and it contains a lot of the book content for free. I plan on going through the site and may pick up the book later. I'm always glad to see another good UI Design/Usability book pop-up; there aren't alot of the out there.

Another UI resource on my radar is the site and the related book called The Zen of CSS Design. The site allows you to apply CSS designs from hundreds of CSS designers (no html changes only CSS) and the extent of transformations that can be made through CSS alone is truly impressive. I have skimmed the book and it seems to be a in depth study/walk-through of the better designs. It lays out why the design decisions were made and how they were achieved. It's definitely not a light read but I think it's likely to be worth it.